ZES ZIMMER LMG500 1 to 8 Channel Power Analyzer

型號 : LMG500 Multiphase Precision Power Meter

Product description

Multiphase Precision Power Meter LMG500

TFT-Color-Display, Basic unit with printer- and RS232-interface, Scope- and Plotfunction, bench-type instrument, upgradable up to 8 measuring channels, best accuracy 0,025%; DC, 0,1 Hz....10 MHz

Measuring inputs and ranges:

Voltage directly

3/6/12.5/25/60/130/250/400/600/1000 Vtrms; 3200 Vpk

Voltage sensor input

30 m/ 60 m/ 120 m/ 250 m/ 500 m, 1/ 2/ 4 Vtrms; 8 Vpk

Current directly

20 m/ 40 m/ 80 m/ 150 m/ 300 m/ 600 m/ 1.2/ 2.5/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 32 Atrms; 120 Apk

Current sensor input

30 m/ 60 m/ 120 m/ 250 m/ 500 m/ 1/ 2/ 4 Vtrms; 8 Vpk

HF current directly

150 m/ 300 m/ 600 m/ 1.2 Atrms; 2.6 Apk


Best for measurements on inverters, switching power supplies, lightings and switched power electronics with short pulse duration <100ns

1 to 8 power channels

Isolated measurement inputs with extremely low capacitance and highest dynamics CMR and interference immunity

3MSamples/s continuously gap free measuring process

Harmonic and interharmonic analysis up to 99th harmonic resp. up to 99 interharmonics

Analog and digital in/outputs

Additional inputs for current sensors

Auto-scaling current sensors compensated in phase and amplitude

PC interfaces

Graphical colour display to show measured values, wave form, diagrams of calculated values, bar charts and vector diagrams (fresnel diagrams)

Ergonomic user friendly interface

Formula editor

LabVIEW driver

The right channel combination for every application

Configuration with 1 to 8 power measuring channels
Retrofitting of channels available!

Optimization of the energy management of hybrid automotive drives
2 times 3 phasen electrical machines, charging of the battery, recuperation of the braking energy
Power measurements on inverter / motor combination
with DC
Power measurements on inverter / motor combination 
Inverter with DC link
1-phase Input
3-phase Output
Inverter measurements
1-phase Input
3-phase Output
Power measurement
of 3-phase motors
Efficiency measurement
of power supplies
Measuring of core losses