型號 : KT-20KVDCP-20

  • Model : KT-20KVDCP-20
  • This DC Power Supply provides DC 0 ~ 20 ㎸, with max output current to 20 ㎃(max power 400 W).
    This DC Power Supply fitted with large V.A meters(Class 1.5) for the sake of accuracy, and available to preset the over current limit easily. KAST manufactures many kinds of power max voltage up to 60 kV, max current 40 ㎃ too.
  1. High accuracy.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Strong enough.
    : All the divices are disigned as their 200 ~ 300 % spare margin.
  4. Many  steps of noise reducer in I/O circuit.
  5. KAST offers the calibration certificate report together with all products.


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電性過壓測試儀 KT-200SG EOS Tester