• T2118 Series 18–21.7 GHz 毫米波行波管放大器

T2118 Series 18–21.7 GHz 毫米波行波管放大器

型號 : T2118 Series 18–21.7 GHz TWT Millimeter Amplifiers

Instruments for Industry, T2118 Series High Power TWT (traveling wave tube) Millimeter Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance. Our “T2118 Series” products are a mature design but incorporate the latest features with respect to control and monitoring. These amplifiers are “State of the Art”; have field proven reliability and unsurpassed performance as the best in the industry. These products are available in a wide range of power levels from 100 watts to 400 watts in the 18.0 GHz – 21.7 GHz frequency range.

Operation safety and ease of use are paramount in IFI product designs. The IFI T2118 Series High Power Millimeter Amplifiers include a full complement of RF and hardware protection systems including high VSWR, over-current and voltage protection as well as redundant thermal and airflow sensors to prevent the TWT from overheating. In addition, the T2118 series includes a state-of-the-art interface that is sophisticated, comprehensive, but yet simple to use. Our amplifiers feature modular construction and this concept of modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service and rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities.

The backlit LCD screen shows forward/reverse power indication, system status and self-diagnostic information. All the amplifier operating parameters are simultaneously available in the amplifier front panel display as well as over the remote bus. Selection switches allow you to switch the amplifier to the desired mode of operation for local control if the unit is not being operated remotely.

For computer automation both an RS-232 and IEEE-488 interface are included. To meet individual application needs, the T2118 Series amplifiers can be easily customized with harmonic filters or other options. With this capability and its reliable elegant design, the T2118 series amplifiers are the perfect amplifier for your microwave needs. IFI offers different size packages and configurations to best suit your application. A product and design built to last!

Model Number Frequency Range
Rated Power
(watts min.)
P1dB Power
(watts min.)
(dB min.)
Size (Inches)
(W x D x H)
T2118-100 18.0 – 21.7 100 75 50 2.0 85 19 x 27 x 14
T2118-200 18.0 – 21.7 200 100 53 2.3 90 19 x 27 x 14
T2118-250 18.0 – 21.7 250 125 54 2.5 100 19 x 27 x 14
T2118-400 18.0 – 21.7 400 200 56 5.0 200 19 x 27 x 2x 14
T2118-700 18.0 – 21.7 700 400 58 10.0 500 Rack Integrated

IFI T2118 Series High Power Millimeter TWT Amplifier Specifications

  • Input/output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • RF Input/ Sample Connectors: Type K Female, unless specified otherwise
  • RF Output Connector: WR51 Other waveguides available by request or specification (see Option 117)
  • Input VSWR: 2.0:1
  • Output VSWR: 2.5:1
  • Operating Temp: 0º to 50º C
  • Non-operating Temp: -40º to 70º C (50,000 feet max)
  • Humidity: 95% without condensation
  • Altitude: 10,000 feet
  • Cooling System: Air cooled, self contained
  • Modulation: All types, AM, FM, Pulse
  • Configuration: Rack Mount as specified in Model Table, or Cabinet Integrated as needed
  • Spurious Outputs: <-60 dBc nominal
  • Standard Prime Powers:
    100, 115, 120 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz, single phase
    200, 220, 230, 240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz, single phase
    100/200VAC,115/208 or 200/220/230/240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz, three phase Wye or Delta and/or 400 Hz power is available.

    • Special Prime Powers other then listed are subject to availability

Amplifier Features:

  • Instantaneous Broadband Frequency range
  • Modular Design Construction
  • Rugged Construction & High Reliability
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Integrated Force Air Cooling
  • Self-diagnostic circuitry
  • IEEE-488 interface, RS232 & Ethernet Remote available
  • Solid State Power Supply


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