Profline 2105 5 kVA 單相諧波及閃爍量測系統

ProfLine 2105

5 kVA single Phase Harmonics & Flicker Measuring System

  • Complete test system for IEC 61000-3-2 and -3-3
  • Single phase system up to 16 A
  • Simulated flicker impedance, no need for expensive physical impedance
  • Power source suitable for testing to immunity standards



ProfLine 2105 is an accurate and fl exible 1-phase system designed to measure harmonics and fl icker
in accordance with IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3. The system is supplied complete with a stable,
accurate, programmable 5 kVA power source. The ProfLine 2105 system is therefore ready to measure
and record any harmonics and fl icker created by the EUT. A wide range of AC source systems are available
from Teseq, please see ProfLine 2103, 2115, 2130, 2145 datasheets for suitable systems at different
power levels or for 3-phase operation.
Measurements are made using precision, no burden, active hall-effect current transformers connected
via a dedicated cable to a multichannel fast Data Acquisition Card (DAQ) fi tted inside a PC. One voltage
and three current measuring channels are used to make simultaneous measurement of both current
and voltage. Calculations are made using dedicated Teseq software (WIN 2100) to determine harmonics
(classes A-D), inter-harmonics, fl icker, dc, dt, dmax, Pst, Plt, inrush current and 24 x dmax.


Measurement of fl icker requires a fi xed, stable source impedance as specifi ed in IEC 61000-3-3 (0.24 Ω
+ j0.15 Ω in the line and 0.16 Ω + j0.1 Ω in the neutral). The precision power source (NSG 1007-5) supplied
as part of the system is able to accurately simulate this impedance by careful control of the relationship
between voltage and current. This eliminates the need for a costly physical impedance. However, physical
lumped impedances are available from Teseq, see options list.

Power quality measurement

The power source (NSG 1007-5) supplied as part of the ProfLine 2105 system is able to perform tests in
conformance to a number of immunity standards. IEC 61000-4-13 (immunity to harmonics and interharmonics),
IEC 61000-4-14 (voltage fl uctuations), IEC 61000-4-17 (ripple on DC) and IEC 61000-4-28 (variation
of power frequency). Additionally it can also perform pre-compliance testing to IEC 61000-4-29 (voltage
dips, interrupts and variations on DC supply) and IEC 61000-4-11. With the addition of further options
IEC 61000-4-8 (power frequency magnetics) and fully compliant IEC 61000-4-11 (voltage dips, interrupts
and variation on AC supply) can be implemented.